Thursday, May 10, 2007

Puglia Property Market

Puglia is a new upcoming area of Italy and thanks to its geographical position and to a sensible development policy it has remained unaffected by mass tourism. The market for holiday property for sale continues its upward trend and purchasing a property here not only does it mean owning a house in a magnificent and unspoilt area but it is also a good investment for the years to come, during which time the Puglia property prices rise.
Why investing in Italy?
Every year lots of foreigners decide to buy a property in Italy mainly because it is one of the safest market for holiday home in Europe, a good field for sound investments for their savings or because they want to relocate and live in Italy seeing that the quality of life is higher than in other areas.
Investing in History, Nature and Sea:
In just 2h30m from London Stansted, you will discover a very antique land, rich of a historical and cultural heritage together with a vast natural environment, miles of sandy and rocky beaches, crystal clear sea, marvellous Mediterranean landscapes, monuments and cathedrals with elegant façades, fortified towers, archaeological sites, charming farmhouses, liberty and neo-gothic villas.
Most of us know Puglia only because of its Trulli, few venture further south… Salento is a land full of southern Italian spirit and a mix of traditions, where fortified masserie, towers, baroque churches and villas are located. Salento capital, Lecce, is a must! Nardò, Galatina, Maglie, Otranto and Gallipoli also worth a visit!

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