Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nardò is the 6th beautiest beach of Italy

In the national rank of the beautiest and purest beaches of Italy, published by Legambiente in the Blue Guide, Nardò and its villages on the Ionian sea are in the sixth place. The blue guide is the most important guide about the best holiday resort and beaches in Italy. Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Caterina, Sant'Isidoro, Torre Inserraglio, Torre Uluzzo and Portoselvaggio for Legambiente, italian green association, are within the best places in Italy where to spend the holiday and enjoy the unspoilt nature. Particularly important the regional wildlife reserve "Portoselvaggio", famous natural park with 300 hectars of pinewood forest and 7 kilometres of high and unpolluted coasts. Portoselvaggio is one of the main green lungs in the province of Lecce.

the official legambiente blue guide