Thursday, September 28, 2006

Buying properties in Puglia: Golden Rule

If you are looking for a property investment in Italy and/or in Puglia, new upcoming area of the South, the "heel" of Italy, please deal with licensed estate agents only. The role of Italian real estate agents is quite different from that British one.
In the UK everybody can set up an estate agency without any qualification or experience. Viceversa in Italy they must be professionally qualified, hold a licence to practise and have indemnity insurance. The agents operating without license are illegals.
On internet there are many unlicensed mediators, dealing with foreign buyers, selling properties and renting holiday home. Do not trust them! They promise lots of useful services but the real extra service they provide is to charge a commission up to 100% more than a licensed Italian agent, or, raise the market price of the property. Moreover if you take their advice you will not be covered by the legislation and the code of ethics which the legal agents must adhere to. If you are dealing with an agent ask for their registration roll number to the chamber of commerce and which professional association they are registered to. Remember buying property in Italy, legally, is safe as buying property in the UK, all you need is just to know the differences and follow the rules! For further info on this topic read the buying guide and FAQ section on

Monday, September 18, 2006

SIS proud supporter of Salento Triathlon 2006

Hello Mates,

This below is the link to Salento Triathlon Sprint Rank 2006 blog, where you can find the pictures of the most important moments of the national gear sponsored by our company and which has taken place in Santa Maria al Bagno (Nardò, Lecce, Puglia, Italy) beautiful town on the Ionian sea.
About 100 athletes have been competing to gain important points for the national rank. They swimmed for 750 mt in the bleu sea of Puglia, cycled for 20 km and runned for 5 km long the shoreline of Nardò.
The winner, Mr. Alessandro D'Ambrosio, took 1h 02m 38s to complete his tour. Posted by Picasa