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Tips for Planning a Successful Overseas Inspection Trip

After spending two or three weeks surfing the net, most property investors have chosen their market, and selected a few dozen properties that need to be inspected. An agent may be available to plan a viewing excursion, but don’t count on it.
Before making travel arrangements, make a list of things you need and want to see in the property. Create a ceiling, and a basement price. Do not deviate from these prices, no matter what ‘deals’ the agent may have found after hearing of your travel plans.
Pick a target location, and stick to it. An agent can waste countless hours driving ‘just over here’, taking the investor hours out of their way, to look at an unsuitable property. Time is at a premium. Do not plan to visit restaurants. They may be non existent, or unable to comprehend the meaning of a rush, or the importance of your valuable time.
Send the list to the agent with the properties you are interested in viewing. This will give them a general idea of your wants and needs. Make it clear that you will not view properties that do not meet the criteria.
Email or telephone the agent directly. Do not work through an office. Try to communicate several times. Look for good communication skills, helpful advice, and a friendly manner. Try to find out whether they are familiar with the properties. Ask them how long it takes them to get to the property, how far out of the down town, or tourist, core the property is. Look for any hint that the agent is not serious about the sale, or feels they can sell you anything when you finally arrive.
Take a print copy of desirable properties. Take a video camera, notebook, and itinerary. It is very easy to confuse properties after three or four days of viewing. There will also be properties you’d like to look at again, and compare. It is easy to download video to a computer, and keep unlimited files in your email inbox.
One good way to test the agent’s knowledge of the property is to ask them for pictures taken from a digital camera, or a cell phone. Paying for a cell phone conversation from a foreign country may be expensive. But that ten minute call, and viewing of the property via your cell phone, or the internet, may prevent a disaster.
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UK Overseas Property Investors Could Be Winners

New research claims that Britons who bought overseas properties four years ago in property investment hotspots (but without a foreign mortgage) could cash in on significant gains, despite the recent volatility in global property prices…
New research claims that Britons who bought overseas investment properties four years ago in investment hotspots (but without a foreign mortgage) could cash in on significant gains, despite the recent volatility in global property prices.
According to Close Treasury, a division of merchant bank Close Brothers, those who bought an Italian property in Euros in June 2005 would have seen the Sterling value of the property increase by around 65%, four years later.
The calculation includes a 30% rise in property prices over that period, supported by the 27% increase in the value of the Euro compared to Sterling, over the same period.
In another example, those who invested in property in Spain in June 2005 will have seen the Sterling value of their investment increase by 59% four years later, due to a combination of rising investment property prices and a fall in the value of Sterling against the Euro.
Close Treasury’s head of foreign exchange, Mark Taylor, comments: “When British investors calculate the value of an overseas property they bought a few years ago, they not only need to look at how real estate prices have changed, but also what has happened to the exchange rate between Sterling and the local currency.”
He adds: “Even though overseas property prices tend to have fallen in the last year, in many cases the fall in the value of Sterling will have offset this, and many people may still have seen the value of their homes increase in Sterling terms.”
In recent week, Foreign Currency Direct has made a similar point, reporting that some Britons are actually choosing to sell up and make a profit by taking advantage of a weaker pound.
The currency exchange specialist said it had seen a significant increase in the number of British clients selling property abroad and transferring their receipts back to the UK.

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One of top 10 cities in the world... Lecce, Italy (Best in Travel 2010, Lonely Planet guide)

Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world. It has published over 500 titles in eight different languages with annual sales of six million guidebooks as well as TV programmes, a magazine, mobile phone applications and websites.

Global travel guidebook giant, Lonely Planet this week released its Best in Travel 2010 book with 10 top travel cities and other useful information on travel in 2010. The top 10 cities were Abu Dhabi, Charleston (South Carolina), Cork (Ireland), Cuenca (Ecuador), Istanbul, Kyoto (Japan), Lecce (Italy), Sarajevo, Singapore and Vancouver (Canada).

Lecce (Puglia region, Italy): How to experience the historical, cultural and culinary wonders of Italy without endangering your finances? The answer is simple: head to the good-value south, where the cost of living is low and simple pleasures are many.Puglia is the sunbleached rural region that has only recently found its place on the tourist map, and Lecce is its most beautiful city. The pace of life here is slower than the north, the summers longer and more idyllic, wine flows more freely (fill up a bottle, gas-station style, at a local winery) and white-sand beaches are within easy reach. Lecce is a burnished, brilliant city, the gleaming prize of the Salento region - a lively, laid-back university town that seems to have been carved from solid gold.Defining experienceEating Pugliese soul food: orecchiette (pasta shaped like "little ears"), washed down with local wine, then a long snooze before spending the afternoon at a local beach, followed by dinner, then an evening passeggiata (little walk) and gelato, before dancing off the calories to a taranta (traditional folk music) band.

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BBC holiday: Nicky Chapman Presents tv programme on Puglia's food

The typical Puglia's food presented by Nicky Chapman in its tv show BBC Holiday.

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Cultural paths: Dominican Salento, the “polycentric city” of convents

In the province of Lecce, there are a number of architectural remnants of the Order of Preachers' settlement. Their presence dates back to the 13th century; their goal, to curb the area's Byzantine influence.

San Domenico's Church - Nardò, Lecce, Puglia, Italy (Luigi Spano photographer)

Live in the community and inhabit the city: this is Saint Dominic's precept for his friars. The diffusion of the Dominicans in Southern Italy dates back to the papal boll Clara Ordinis by Celestine V. The Dominicans' settlement was already established at the end of the 13th century. The reasons that prompted the presence of the Dominicans in the Salento area can be identified in terms of the need to stem the spread of a « Greek-like » culture which set this area apart from the rest of the South: the Byzantine influence had already become firmly rooted in this area. For many centuries the Order spread throughout Europe. The Council of Trent contributed to strengthening the Dominicans' activity in the area. In the Salento area, the number of convents founded between 1300 and 1626 totals twenty-one... Read More on

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SIS Property and Tourism - Live webcam on Santa Maria al Bagno, Nardò, Puglia, Italy

For all the Puglia's lovers we set a super webcam on the Ionian west coast and precisely in Santa Maria al Bagno, marina of Nardò, in the province of Lecce, Salento area, Puglia region. Santa Maria Al Bagno is a small fishermen village, located on the coastline of the Gulf of Taranto, Ionian west coast. It has beautiful unspoilt beaches all along the coast. The near beach at Sant’Isidoro is a very popular local beauty spot and is approximately 10 minutes by car, a little further along the coast from Sant’ Isidoro is Porto Cesareo. The historical port of Gallipoli is about 15 mins to the south by car. Particularly important is the regional wildlife reserve "Portoselvaggio", famous natural park with 300 hectares of pinewood forest and 7 kilometres of high and unpolluted coasts. Portoselvaggio is one of the main green lungs in the Puglia region. Watch in real time the beach and piazza of Santa Maria al Bagno

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SV691LS Puglia villa for sale Video

Splendid attached villa for sale on the Puglia west coast, ideally located right oh the hill of Santa Caterina, marina of Nardò, only 15 mins walking from the beach and the main piazza. It boasts a nice garden of approximately 200 sqm, a veranda, living room with fireplace, a kitchenette, a double bedroom, a twin bedroom, a corridor, a bathroom, a backyard with barbecue and a small cellar at the basement. Only few metres away from the coast and the piazza where all the restaurants and bars are located, 5 km from Nardò town centre, 9 kms from Gallipoli, 10 kms from Porto Cesareo and 60 kms from Brindisi international airport. Excellent long term investment and good rental potential. Asking price € 175.000,00. Please email us your request at or call us at 0039 347 0336568

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Nardò and its marinas within the 10 best places for holiday makers in Italy

Once again Nardò has been listed at the 7th place of the Blue Guide, the most popular voice about the best beaches and places in Italy. Blu Guide is produced by Touring Club Italia and Legambiente, the leading environmental organisation in Italy formed by 20 regional committees and more than 2000 local groups. Legambiente runs national and international campaigns aimed at reducing traffic and air pollution, pesticides use, or proposing new energy policy, enhancing use of renewable sources, energy efficiency and conservation etc.
Nardò and its marinas (Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Caterina, Sant'Isidoro and Portoselvaggio) for the third year have gained the "5 Blue Sails" reaching a special place in the list and becoming more popular for their environment and their hospitality. Legambiente also gives the opportunity to discover small villages and local traditions of Italy, protected and promoted by “Piccola Grande Italia” (Small Big Italy) campaign, which aims to increase the value of our great heritage – environment, cultural property, local typical products and traditions – cherished in small Italian towns, the irreplaceable defence grounds of the Italian identity. The campaign has already involved 500 towns with less than 5 thousands inhabitants, mountain and provincial communities.

Green shoots visible but crisis not over-G8 sources

Puglia: Lecce, the head town of the province, the place where the next G8 will take place.

May 25 (Reuters) - The global economic crisis is not over but the pace of decline has slowed and some positive signs are emerging in the United States and China, G8 sources told Reuters.
The sources, who are preparing the meeting of Group of Eight finance ministers in Lecce, Italy, on June 12-13, said documents being drawn up for the meeting note some encouraging signs.
"The papers we are working on ahead of the Lecce meeting say the first green shoots are emerging, in the United States and in emerging economies, especially China," one source said.
Another source said the global recession was not over, "but we are seeing a slowing of the speed of contraction."
"Green shoots" have become a frequently used term by policy-makers and economists in recent weeks as confidence and activity indicators in many countries have shown the first signs of improvement after many months of decline.

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ITALY, Puglia: Residence Sofia... Buy a new stile of life!

Residence Sofia: Santa Maria al Bagno, Gallipoli, Lecce, Puglia, Italy
Off plan apartments for sale in a new luxury residence with courtyard, swimming pool and private garden or terrace. Residence Sofia consists of 8 units, 4 at the ground floor and 4 at the first floor. The apartments set at the ground floor have a covered area of approximately 55 sqm, a private garden of approximately 70 sqm, veranda of 7 sqm and outdoor car parking and boast a living room with kitchen corner, a bathroom, two double bedrooms.
The residences at the first floor have a covered area of approximately 55 sqm, balconies for 13 sqm and outdoor car parking. They boast a living room with kitchen corner, a bathroom, two double bedrooms, an extra room of 18 sqm at the top floor and roof terrace of approximately 42 sqm. The residence will be finished with high standard materials and features. Prices from EUR 150K. Read more on this property for sale in Puglia, Italy

View SV675 apartments in residence with common swimming pool, puglia in a larger map

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Buying in Puglia, Italy

Article from where has been featured. It also has provided the properties for the show.

Puglia makes up the 'heel of the boot' in southern Italy. It has two distinct coastlines, high cliffs of the Adriatic to the east and the low-lying rocky shore of the Ionian Sea to the west. Italian families have holidayed here for years and it's not surprising. There are 300 days of sunshine a year, beautiful beaches, lovely countryside and fascinating towns and cities steeped in history.

The buyer: Annabel Moorsom
Annabel lives in South London and runs a PA recruitment company. She's a self-confessed lover of all things Italian and dreams of lazy summers soaking up Mediterranean sun on the west coast of Puglia. She's drafted in her friend Robert to help her escape busy London for Italian life, food and culture. She has a budget of up to £250,000.

Why Puglia?
With coasts on two sides, Puglia has got fabulous beaches in abundance and an impressive array of rather bijou resorts. Its towns have a modern buzz, but the architecture is a melting pot of Moorish, medieval, Byzantine, Romanesque and Baroque influences, as well as the intriguing trulli – white, cone-shaped houses that were built until the 1800s. Now they're the region's hippest holiday homes.Living in Puglia means living the good life. Great food is produced, cooked and eaten locally and nearly every day, the fishermen return to Gallipoli harbour and unload their catch straight into the fish market next door. A trip to buy your lunch is also a great way to meet the locals and catch up on the gossip.With all that fresh produce, Italian cookery courses are hugely popular. You can book a whole course or just take a day's class. And of course no Italian cookery class starts without the basics - pasta. Top of the bon viveur's list of things to do in Puglia is watching the sun go down. All along the coast locals and tourists search out a great spot to watch the daily spectacle. Sit in one of the bars up on the walls of the old town in Gallipoli and sip a crisp glass of Frizzantino as you watch the day disappear.


Italy: Official Tourist Guide

This is the ultimate tourist guide about Italy. Published by ENIT the Italian Tourist Board in UK. It contains all the useful information and contacts you may need before to travel to Italy. SIS Property and Tourism has been featured on it. Please click here to free download the PDF of this important brochure.

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Puglia: Flat for sale in a residence with common swimming pool

Beautiful apartment for sale in a smart development of 12 units with access to a stunning swimming pool. This apartment of 42 sqm is set at the ground floor of the residence Ginevra and consists of a living area with open plan kitchen, dining area and sofa corner, a double bedroom, a bathroom, a storage, an independent backyard of 33 sqm, a common courtyard with direct access to a great swimming. The residence, built to a high standard specification, is well located in Santa Maria al Bagno the main marina of the town only 700 mt away from the coast, 10 min drive from Gallipoli, 20 min from Lecce (known in Italy as the Florence of the South). Brindisi airport (Ryanair from London) is only 45 mins away and Bari airport is 80 mins away. There is also a 4 lane motorway that connects the airports to the residence area. Features: air conditioning, upto 4 sleepers, good rental potential.

SV649LM Brand New apartment in Residence, Italy

Asking Price € 135.000,00

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Brand New apartments and villas for sale in Puglia

Brand New selection of 16 villas and apartments in a complex in pure mediterranean style boasting 2 double bedrooms, kitchen, living room, storage room, bathroom,balcony or terrace, private parking and front garden. Only 15 mins walking from the sea and from the piazza. Prices varies from € 93,000 to € 190,000.
Puglia apartments and villas in Residence.
Location: Santa Maria al Bagno, Nardò, Lecce, Puglia, Italy.

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Different kind of mini-villas and apartments:

a) Ground floor apartments:
Ref. A/3 – A/11 (commercial area 71,75 sqm) Asking price € 93.000
Built area: Ground Floor 56,18 sqm; Garden 50,48 sqm; Terrace 16,43 sqm;
Ref. A/13 (commercial area 80 sqm) Asking price € 98.000,00
Built area: ground floor 56,18 sqm; Garden 83,50 sqm; Terrace 16,43 sqm;
This kind of apartments boasts 2 bedroom (3,10 x 3,10 mt - 3,50 x 3,03 mt), 1 bathroom (1,65 x 2,40 mt), 1 living room (3,19 x 2,84 mt), open plan kitchen (2,95 x 3,03 mt), garden and car parking.

b) First floor apartments:
ref A/8 – A/10 – A/12 (commercial area 95,16 sqm) Asking price € 125.000
Built area at first floor 51,13 sqm, at second floor 21,16 sqm; Ground floor garden 58,02 sqm; balconies first floor 21,16 sqm.
This kind of apartments, over two levels, boasts 2 double bedroom (3,50 x 3,03 mt - 3,10 x 3,10 mt), living room (3,19 x 2,84 mt), open plan kitchen (2,95 x 3,03 mt), bathroom (2,40 x 1,65 mt), balconies, garden, and car parking. At the second floor boasts a built area of 21 sqm to be used as an extra double bedroom or living room. roof terrace with sea views.

c) Independent 3-levels Villas
Ref. B/1-B/2 (commercial area 147,23) Asking price € 190.000
Built area at ground floor 51,92 sqm, at first Floor 37,80 sqm, at top floor 14,31 sqm, Garden Ground floor 137,38 sqm; Balconies 35,00 sqm; Terrace 24,33 sqm
This king of villas boasts at the ground floor reception (3,20 x 5,20 mt), open plan kitchen (2,00 x 2,62 mt), dining area (3,60 x 4,65 mt), bathroom (1,60 x 2,62 mt); at the first floor a master bedroom (3,26 x 4,65 mt), a double bedroom (3,22 x 2,90 mt), a bathroom (1,65 x 2,62 mt); at the second floor 2 extra rooms (2,19 x 3,45 mt - 4,14 x 3,65 mt), balconies, garden, and car parking and roff terraces with sea views.
For further information, please, visit